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Adults only!

No one under 18 please.

1 May

Hello. I'm Keith. I live in Washington State with my girlfriend Megan.

I once posted under the name caressive. I had to give that journal up some time ago for reasons beyond my control. Now that things are again under my control, I started this journal.

This isn’t so much a sex journal, as it is an adult orientated journal. There will be much sexiness happening here, pictures, .gifs, videos, that kinda stuff. But I’m not planning on hiding behind this journal to act naughty. I’ll just be me, which includes lots of very adult themes.

I have no issues with people whom are different than I am. In fact, I relish friendships with people who live differently then I do. I love learning about how they live, what they do, who they are. I like expanding my horizons as much as possible. So, if you live any kind of ‘alternative’ life style, please add me!

Please add me if you’re completely normal. I love normal people too.

Because of the pornographic nature of this journal, I must insist no one under the age of 18 be allowed. Sorry.

If you’re interested in adding me, post here and I’ll add you.
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